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Title: Beestons to drop Haverhill-Clare
Post by: HughT on July 11, 2018, 03:55:56 PM
I spotted that Beestons are discontinuing the Haverhill-Clare section of their service 236 (currently Haverhill-Sudbury) from the end of August. Whether there will be a Suffolk County Council replacement for that section of the route remains to be seen - if I lived in Sturmer or Stoke-by-Clare I'd be concerned!

Memory (possibly faulty) tells me that this is one of those relatively rare beasts - a surviving "rail replacement" service from the Beeching era and its aftermath (the railway line closed to passengers in 1967). I'm no expert on the history of services in this area, but I suspect this route was at one time operated by Theobald's, before being transferred to Beestons. Anyone have more information?