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Ensign in October 2011
« on: November 10, 2011, 08:41:12 AM »
Hello one and all.

Ensign happenings in October as follows:


From ADL: Enviro 400 SN59AWV.

From Rotala: Volvo B9TL AE60GRU (low bridge victim)

From Veolia Transport: Volvo B10M Y8PJC Y338AUT  Volvo B12M PJ02AAA  
Primo's CN07FSK  CN57EFK   MAN CN07FSE  Solo's CN07FSO / CN04NFM /
CN06BXK / BXJ  Volvo B7RLEs CN07HVJ / HVK   Volvo B12B's FJ55YCG /
YCK    FJ56YWG /
YWA  YJ03GXW   Scania 114's YN04GPV / GPF   Beulas's YN04AXZ  YN54AEB
DAF's CNZ3819 / 3820.

From London General : Dart S92 / 107EGK.

From Stagecoach SW: Volvo B10M P806XTA

From Stagecoach Merseyside: Volvo B10M P112DCW.

From Stagecoach Bluebird: Volvo B10M's R636RSE  P152ASA.

From Faces to Places Coaches: Scania AIG7944.

From Metroline: Tridents T71 / 126 / 129KLD    Darts V125GBY  Y656 /
657NLO    Y157 / 248 / 249NLK   W136 / 148ULR   W122 / 24 / 27 / 33 / 36 / 43WGT.

From Arriva the Shires: DAF P201RWR.

From Arriva London: Olympians J350 / 351 / 352BSH    Metrobus E771JAR.

From Stagecoach London: Tridents V140 / 144 / 152 / 153MEV   V364OWC  X286 / 313 / 324 / 383NNO  Darts Y342 / 343 / 376FJN.


Tridents V216MEV  X237 / 253 / 361 / 363NNO  T71 / 129KLD:  Kingsley Coaches, County Durham.

Olympians M226SVN / K103JWJ: Linburg Tours, Sheffield.

Enviro 300's SJ56GBY / GCF: Yellow Buses, Bournemouth.

Dart P514RYM: Eastonways Ramsgate.

Dart V674FPO  Enviro 200's YX09HZJ / HZH: Tates Travel, Barnsley.

Olympian J629CEV: Turners Coaches, Halsted, Essex.

Scania YN03DFZ: Lewis Coaches, Greenwich.

Super Metrobus B10MSE: Red Route Buses, Northfleet.

DAF's CNZ3819 / 3820     Beulas's YN04AXZ  YN54AEB  Volvo B10M Y338AUT   Volvo B12B YJ03GXW: Bob Vale Coach Sales.

Darts W133 / 136WGT: Regal Buses, Chelmsford.

Solo's MX56AAO / CN56FDP : Faresaver Buses, Chippenham, Wilts.

Tridents LV52HHP / HHR: Norfolk Green.

Trident V161MEV: Anglian Buses.

Tridents X303 / 315NNO: Swanbrook Coaches, Cheltenham.

Volvo B10M Y8PJC  Volvo B12M PJ02AAA  Scania AIG7944: Heritage Coaches, Brighton.

Volvo B7TL X699EGK  Volvo B10M's P112DCW  P152ASA  P806XTA: Alpine Coaches, Llandudno.

Trident V162MEV  Primo MX07JPO:  Mike Lawrenson, Preston.

Solo YJ54BTV: Centrebus.

Volvo B7RLE's CN07HVJ / HVK: FirstGroup.

Volvo B7TL X595EGK: Croydon Coaches.

Dart S92EGK : Mayhem Events, Abridge, Essex.

Trident T126KLD: Green Bus, Birmingham.

Darts R126 / 142 / 151 / 153RLY: Grant Palmer, Dunstable.

Dart EU04BVD: City Direct, Galway, Eire.

Olympian N418JBV: Express Motors, Gwynedd.

Volvo B10M R636RSE: GHA Coaches, Wrexham.

Javelin AIG5289: KK Minibuses, Milton Keynes.

Dart S366ONL: Brent Community Transport, North London.

Dublin B6's 00-D-70027 and 00-D-70025 now X979CNO and X52CHJ with Aintree Coaches.

Tridents PN03ULK / ULW: Island Sightseeing, Malta, converted to open top.


Dart 719 sold to TWH, Harlow.

Tridents T191 / 192 / 193 / 194CLO all into fleet, single doored and blue and silver, numbered 191 /192 /193/ 194.

Enviro SN59AWV into fleet, numbered 123

Temporary additions for more short term rail contracts: Tridents V149 / 211 / V214MEV  X385NNO.

Thats it.